K-One Creative is the Automotive arm of Mixed Plate Enterprises, LLC. It is designed to give auto enthusiasts advice, inspiration, and connections on all things wheeled with engines.

Our car guy, Keone, has over 20 years of automotive tinkering, seven of them directly involved with autobody repair and painting. His day job is a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company, but make no mistake, this weekend shade tree mechanic knows how to make a vehicle run. And look good. Did we mention autobody painting experience?

Our fearless shop manager (unless there is a spider in the shop), Jae, knows her way around a garage. Her first love was monster trucks, but she's okay with lowriders, import tuners, and hot rods. She has no problem jumping in to lend a hand with different projects and is not afraid to mess with a car's body lines. Just don't ask her to weld. It won't be pretty.

And then there's our resident mascot and tool finder, Kai, who makes sure we don't have any loose screws. Ask him anything about NASCAR and he'll give you the 411 like a champ. He helps us get our creative juices flowing with (exceptionally) detailed drawings. But they only work if you want a NASCAR racer. And have sponsors that match the logos.

If you have a question, comment, or just want to say hello (we like hellos), use the contact form below and we'll get right back to you.


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